Lead Bossing & Welding
We are experts at lead bossing and welding

Lead Bossing & Welding

We use industry standard methods for lead bossing, welding, jointing, fixing, and corrosion prevention.

Our registered lead operatives use only the proper tools and equipment when working or welding sheet lead to ensure that the weld is as strong as possible and a joint that will not split over the course of time.

Jointing Methods

Joints in leadwork such as welts or laps are weather tight but not watertight. Joints in leadwork are designed to keep water out whilst allowing for thermal movement. Our experts will always use the correct type of joint appropriate for the type of application or situation.

Support and Fixing Methods

Lead sheet must be adequately supported on a smooth base sufficient to take the weight and to allow for thermal movement to take place. It may be laid on timber, plywood, concrete or masonry together with a suitable underlay. The lead sheet should be held in position with fixings of a type, strength and position which:

  • Support the weight of the lead sheet
  • Are resistant to corrosion
  • Allow for thermal movement to take place
  • Resist wind uplift

Our lead working expert craftsmen are highly skilled and experienced in all forms of lead bossing, welding, jointing and fixing.  No matter the application or situation, you can rely on a professional finish that will last.