Lead Capping & Cornice
An overview of our lead capping & cornice services

Lead Capping & Cornice

Ledges and parapet walls don't have to be capped with lead, however the use of lead will ensure durability and 100% weather protection, and a great look for years.

As with many applications of lead, it outlasts all competing products, be it stone, single ply membrane, or even concrete.  The bonus of course, lead looks better too.  Lead capping and cornice if installed properly can be made to be a feature of the property like so many of the beautiful buildings we have in our towns and cities today.

Period and heritage buildings typically have decorative cornice work which we can skilfully reproduce to match or suit any building or project.

Heritage Skills Gold Card Accreditation

Our expert craftsmen are qualified to work on listed and Heritage buildings, and buildings of this nature that require these levels of expertise and attention to detail.

If you have any questions relating to our skills and accreditations, please contact us.