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Lead working in Cliddesden

by Matt Wilcox | Oct 19, 2012
Cliddesdon roof project comes to a close as bad weather comes to stay.

As the best of the years weather is unfortunately behind us, we have come to the end of a residential project for a client based in the conservation area of Cliddesden, Hampshire.

Gary Taylor, Managing Director of Lazard Construction, our client in Cliddesden has completely remodeled a house, extended it in seemingly every direction, apart from down. The remodeling also involved significant remedial work to the roof, plus the addition of two dormer windows.

This project, although small, was very involved and a detailed solution was required.  All fine and dandy when the sun is shining, but thankfully the project has come to a close just as the good weather is also departing.  

What's the news?  Well, we have now started to work on a new project on a listed building in Malshanger.

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